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Clay Pot 500ml

1 piece. Good Quality clay pot for cooking hot or cold dishes. We have a great recipe of sampling in hot pot, so you make your own special dish.

CLEARANCE-Shampoo for colored damaged 400ml

BEST BEFORE: 03.2021
$14.99 $8.99

Conditioner for dry damaged hair 400ml

Thanks to the content of all the "beauty vitamins" (A, B, C, D, E, P), Schisandra chinensis fills the hair with strength and energy, and tones tired and weakened hair, giving them a healthy appearance, magical brilliance and vitality. Force.

Conditioner Sea-buckthorn Natura Siberica - 400ml

Conditioner Natura Siberica Sea-buckthorn gives the hair the maximum volume, shine and density, protecting them from heat exposure when hot styling. It animates and raises the hair from the roots, without making them heavier.
$11.99 $9.99