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I write correctly. From "Bukvar" to the ability to write beautifully and competently

At the time of our acquaintance with the book, the child must possess a combined post-reading reading and be able to conduct a sound-letter analysis of syllables and words, namely: 1. To determine by ear the sound (letter) on which the word begins and ends; 2. To be able to think up words for a given sound (letter); 3. Determine the place of a particular sound in the word: at the beginning of the word, at the end or in the middle.

I speak correctly. From the first lessons of oral speech to "Bukvar"

The author of the book I speak correctly. From the first lessons of oral speech to "Bukvar", Eksmo - Nadezhda Zhukova, a well-known Moscow speech therapist, candidate of pedagogical sciences. She owns original research on the progressive development of children's speech.

Bottle made of birch bark

Bottle, decorated with birch bark, is perfect for storing tinctures, spirits, oil and other liquids. The bottle is nice to hold in hands.


If you want to teach a child to read before he goes to school, our Bukvar is the best assistant in this matter. The primer is based on the traditional approach to teaching reading in Russian, supplementing the traditional approach with the original way of teaching the child to understand the combination of letters as an integral graphic element - a syllable as a reading unit (later letters). The alphabet is not entertaining or entertaining, its task is to provide the child with the fastest mastery of reading techniques, which should bring joy and pleasure to the children in reward for their work.

From point to point. Puzzle for drawing and coloring

This book includes 30 difficult puzzles - drawings on points. Follow the simple instructions, connect the dots and get stunning drawings, which you can then colorize. Use the suggested colors or experiment with any others that you like. This book is a good gift for those who like to draw and paint, for those who need to pass the time on a long trip or to take children interesting puzzles.