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Book with very large letters for quick reading

The manual is intended for preschool and primary school children. Thanks to a very large font, training on "Bukvar" can start from the age of three. A large number of carefully selected exercises for reading words and short stories contribute to quick and easy learning of reading, as well as the expansion of vocabulary. The book is addressed to teachers of children's preschool institutions, teachers and parents.

Magnet animals

These cute little magnets will be a great decoration for anything you choose! The magnets are about 6cm in length.
$2.50 $1.99

Magnet Rooster

The magnet is about 6cm in length.

Mini Yula

The Yula is about 6cm in length.

Speech Theory Basics of Theory and Practice

At present, no one doubts that logopedic work with children should be started as soon as possible. Identification of abnormalities in speech development, their correct qualification and overcoming at an early age are most effective when the child's language development is not yet completed.

Sudoku and other puzzles

The book contains 125 tasks, including popular Sudoku puzzles and other Japanese puzzles. For all of them, the decision rules and answers are given.

Talking multiplication table

The speaking multiplication table itself will tell the student how to use it: how to turn it on and off, how to "ask" it to solve an example, what button to press for the exam.

Learn to Read. Electronic sounded poster

The sounded poster "Learning to read" will help your child take another step on the way to reading. With this poster you can reproduce all sounds and almost all the syllables of the Russian language.

Lessons from a speech therapist Correcting speech disorders

Nadezhda Sergeevna Zhukova - a well-known speech therapist with thirty years of experience, candidate of pedagogical sciences. She owns the original research of speech development in preschool children. The best traditions of such well-known Soviet teachers, speech therapists, as EF Rau, AG Ippolitov, found their continuation in a new book by N.S. Zhukova: "Lessons of a speech therapist."

Wooden Spoon big

Wooden large spoon with traditional Russian ornaments

Game Monopoly Russia

The version of this game "Monopoly" Hasbro created specially for Russians. When the authors of the game faced the question of which 22 Russian cities to choose for the plot of the game, they decided to arrange an Internet poll in which all residents of Russia accepted it. Internet users actively responded to this kind of voting. Voting was conducted for 3 months.
$140.00 $99.00