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Polish Food

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Jams Gooseberry Herbapol 240g

100% pure delicious Gooseberry jam!

Pickles Dill Orzel 1.7L

Very tasty cucumbers with dill cooked according to a special Polish recipe! Enjoy yourself and your loved ones with delicious pickled cucumbers!

Chocolate Wawel 70 prs 100g

This chocolate owes its highest-quality standards to classic recipes and careful production processes.

Baking Powder Delecta PL 30g

Want to give the dough a magnificent shape and make your culinary masterpiece soft and airy? You are welcome! Baking powder is the basis of any baking.

Biscuits Snacks Sesamki PL Odra 32g

Sesamki is one of the most popular delicacies in Poland. I will not write about the usefulness of sesame, just please yourself and loved ones, and especially children, with such a useful sweetness.