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Polish Food

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Waffles Prince Polo PL 36g

Very popular candy bars - waffles filled with cocoa cream, covered with chocolate, individually wrapped.
$1.59 $0.99

Pickles Dill PL Orzel 1.7L

Very tasty cucumbers with dill cooked according to a special Polish recipe! Enjoy yourself and your loved ones with delicious pickled cucumbers!

Chocolate dark 70% Wawel - 100g

This chocolate owes its highest-quality standards to classic recipes and careful production processes.

Baking Powder Delecta PL 30g

Want to give the dough a magnificent shape and make your culinary masterpiece soft and airy? You are welcome! Baking powder is the basis of any baking.
$1.50 $0.99

Biscuits Snacks Sesamki PL Odra 32g

Sesamki is one of the most popular delicacies in Poland. I will not write about the usefulness of sesame, just please yourself and loved ones, and especially children, with such a useful sweetness.

Halva vanilla Odra - 65g

Halva has a unique nutritional value. It includes a large list of vegetable proteins, fats, dietary fiber and fatty acids. It is very tasty, crumbly, airy and fragrant.