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Polish Food

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Mix Potato Pancakes Crunchie Knorr 200g

Knorr Potato pancakes is an incredibly fast and convenient way to prepare delicious crispy pancakes. Potato pancakes are great with any sauce or with sugar and cream. Just mix it with water, one egg and that's it! ready for the pan.

Cabbage meal Bigos Pudliszki 500ml

On the origin of the name "bigos" there are many versions. Some say that this "double taste" (bi-flavor) in Latin - and not cabbage and meat, you can immediately think, namely double cabbage: sour and fresh. Others derive the name from the Italian "bigutta" (bowler). Still others refer to the German verbs "begießen" (pour, smoke) and "beigießen" (top up).

Cocoa Wawel 100g

Cocoa is a very tasty drink. After the conducted researches it became known for certain that cocoa powder has also useful properties. The composition of cocoa powder contains theobromine - an alkaloid, which has invigorating properties, but is softer than, for example, caffeine.