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Mix dry Chocolate Pudding Delecta PL 64g

This popular easy to cook dairy dessert will be a treat for your palate. After preparing receive up to 750 ml of the prepared pudding, just in time for a big family or guests to visit.

Candies Fudge PL

These sweets are familiar to adults and children. Candy Cream flavours have a milky flavour and a tasty stretchy filling.

Chocolate Candies Cherry in Liqueur

Sweets have a domed shape with cut grooves running from the bottom to the center. The surface of all the candies is glossy, without damage. The texture is melting. The layer of chocolate is uniform - about 3 mm. Inside each candy is a whole cherry without a stone.

Chocolate Candies Malaga Wawel 430g

Each chocolate slice is filled with a cream filling, hiding a zest. The cream with a creamy taste with a thin note of grape wine is enriched by the freshness of the sweet black grapes and exquisite shades of milk chocolate Wawel.
$12.99 $8.99

Candies Mieszanka Krakowska Wawel PL 280g

Krakowska is one of the most famous and admirable Wawel products. A wealth of fruit flavors combined With delicate chocolate dessert creates a composition full of freshness and delicacy. Among the four noble tastes: natural lemon, ripe orange, sweet raspberry And exotic pineapple everyone will surely find their favorite.

Biscuits Cherry Party Jaffa Delicpol 135g

Sponge Biscuits with cherry jelly in chocolate. Refined thin biscuit impregnated in chocolate is the ideal choice for dessert.

Biscuits Delisana Orange PL 135g

Sponge Biscuits with orange jelly in chocolate. Refined thin biscuit impregnated in chocolate is the ideal choice for dessert.

Chocolate Candies Plum Solidarnosz 190g

Very tasty plum in chocolate! Perfectly suits your table for tea!

Chocolate Dark 70% No Added Sugar Wawel 100g

This chocolate owes its highest-quality standards to classic recipes and careful production processes.

Candies box Plum in Chocolate Solidarnosz 490g

The combination of the noble Polish plum with the aristocratic note of dessert chocolate without extra additives creates a unique taste appreciated by our loyal Clients.