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Chocolate Wawel 70 prs 100g

This chocolate owes its highest-quality standards to classic recipes and careful production processes.

Biscuits Snacks Sesamki PL Odra 32g

Sesamki is one of the most popular delicacies in Poland. I will not write about the usefulness of sesame, just please yourself and loved ones, and especially children, with such a useful sweetness.

Halva vanilla Odra - 65g

Halva has a unique nutritional value. It includes a large list of vegetable proteins, fats, dietary fiber and fatty acids. It is very tasty, crumbly, airy and fragrant.
$2.99 $1.99

Candies Fudge PL

These sweets are familiar to adults and children. Candy Cream flavours have a milky flavour and a tasty stretchy filling.

Chocolate Candies Plum Dobosz 500g

Very tasty plum in chocolate! Perfectly suits your table for tea!

Chocolate Candies Cherry in Liqueur

Sweets have a domed shape with cut grooves running from the bottom to the center. The surface of all the candies is glossy, without damage. The texture is melting. The layer of chocolate is uniform - about 3 mm. Inside each candy is a whole cherry without a stone.