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Special Cake (Bird-cherry flower)

1 pack of Bird-cherry flower

1 glass of sugar

2 eggs

1 glass of sour cream

1 glass of flour

½ glass of raisins or nuts

1 tbl spoon of baking powder

For cream:

1.5 glass of sour cream

¾ glass of sugar

some vanilla

For glazing: mix 1 tbl spoon of milk, 3 tbl spoon of caster sugar, 2 tbl spoon of cocoa, 50 g butter, cook & mix under slow tempeture until thick mass.

Mix & desolve sugar with eggs, add sour cream, baking powder, Bird-cherry flower, nuts or raisins. Thoroughly mix the dough & split into 2 parts. Put a dough in baking tray and bake until cooked though on 180C. Add cream to each layer of a dough. On top add glazing & put it into fridge for 2-3 hours.

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