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Borscht Red soup Winiary 49g

Borsch - vegetable vegetable soup. He is loved not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Poland (Barsch), Lithuania (barschchiai), Romania and Moldova (Borsh).

Champignon Soup 50g

Stunning aroma, bright taste, nutrition, good - all this can be said about mushroom soups. Such soups are loved not only by adults, but also by children who often refuse to eat other kinds of soups. And all because they have a very rich and pleasant taste.

Chicken stock Winiary 170g

Convenient packaging, instant cooking and excellent taste - these are the advantages of our soup in containers. It can be served in different ways: borscht with croquettes, pelmeni or potatoes and cream, as well as in the form of Ukrainian borsch.

Soup Concentrat White Orzel 290g

Specialty of Polish regional cuisine. with sausage or meat Eagle Poland - a brand owned by Orzeł Polska, a producer of vegetable and fruit products, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits from organic plantations from Polish producers.