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Soft Drinks

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Blueberry night tea Greenfield

Cool tenderness of ripe blueberry gives new birth to the full flavour of classic black tea in the composition of Greenfield Blueberry Nights.

Cacao Russian Appetite 100g

Cocoa is a very tasty drink. After the conducted researches it became known for certain that cocoa powder has also useful properties. The composition of cocoa powder contains theobromine - an alkaloid, which has invigorating properties, but is softer than, for example, caffeine.

Chamomile meadow tea Greenfield

Mild flower flavor in the bouquet of Greenfield Camomile Meadow is brightened with fine notes of fragrant Melissa. Rather an unexpected highlight - bold and vivid lychee aroma - creates the impression of fascinating freshness and purity.

Chereda herbs

The herb has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic effect, is a blood cleansing agent due to the presence of a large number of biologically active substances, therefore it is widely used for skin diseases, various forms of diathesis accompanied by a rash of an allergic nature, especially in children, furunculosis, it treats neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea Head (dandruff).

Chicory with sea buckthorn 100g

Chicory contains polysaccharide inulin, fructose, glycosite intibina (gives the drink a characteristic bitter taste), vitamins (B1, B2, PP, C), choline, proteins, pectin, tannins, organic acids, carotene, minerals (Na, Ca, Mg , K, Fe, P), microelements, as well as other useful substances necessary for human life. Chicory does not contain caffeine, reduces nervous excitability, reduces the sugar content in the blood, improves digestion.