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Adjika Home Style 460g

Adjika is a traditional Caucasian mixture of spices, which gives the dishes a complex, spicy and pungent taste.

CLEARANCE- Mustard Homemade Hot in jar Emelya 170g

BEST BEFORE: 20.02.2021
$3.99 $1.99

CLEARANCE-Mustard in jar Bavarian Provitus 160g

BEST BEFORE: 27.05.2021
$3.50 $1.99

CLEARANCE-Mustard Spicy Emelya in jar 180g

BEST BEFORE: 02.03.2021
$9.50 $1.99

CLEARANCE-Sauce Mayo Real Chumak 30% 300g

BEST BEFORE: 22.06.2021
$3.99 $2.50