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Cheese Havarti

approximately price by weight may very Havarty is a cow's milk cheese from Denmark, which is becoming more popular at the moment. Havarty has a mild sweetish-creamy taste with light acidity, and his body is stained with small eyes, like Gauda's.

Cheese Maasdam

approximately price by weight may very When it comes to cheese, many of us are a fragrant gently golden slice with huge holes. And this is Maasdam - the main competitor of Swiss cheese.

Cheese Smoked

approximately price by weight may very The benefits of smoked cheese are due to the composition of minerals and vitamins. Only it should be noted immediately that such properties have only a quality product. Included in the composition of smoked cheese is a lot of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are necessary for the restoration and strengthening of bone tissue, and they have a direct effect on the health of teeth, nails and hair.

Cottage cheese Tvorog - 500g

Probably everyone knows that cottage cheese is one of the most useful fermented milk products. In addition to excellent taste qualities, curd has many healing and healing properties for the body. Unique properties of cottage cheese are due to the technology of manufacturing this product. During the preparation of cottage cheese, the most valuable components are extracted from milk - easily digestible protein and milk fat.

Cottage cheese Tvorog Quark - 500g

Cottage cheese quark only remotely resembles the usual sour-milk product, because it looks quite different, has a different taste and composition. Due to the fact that during the manufacture of this product does not use elevated temperatures, it retains a huge amount of useful substances.

Croutons with cheese Emelya 40g

Croutons with cheese perfectly suited to beer or kvas