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Вишневое Вино Zamojska 9% Алк 750мл

Невероятно вкусное, вишневое вино.
$12.99 $9.99

Винный коктейль с кокосовым вкусом Bar Royal 3.9% Vol 750ml

All ingredients in Bar Royal Coconut come from qualified, reputable plants. The wines used are made in the most famous wine-growing regions of Europe, primarily Spain and Italy.
$12.99 $9.99

Dona Fatima MANZWINE

14% 750ml Наше предложение - перенести вас в то время, когда Челейрос славился качеством своих виноградников и садов, плодов хорошей почвы, плантациями на склонах и террасах и уникальным микроклиматом, демонстрировавшего границу между влиянием моря и защитой мягкой реки.

Seltzer YPSO КОКОСОВЫЙ 5.5% 330мл

The new category Hard Seltzer has already hit like a bomb in the US, now also arriving in the New Zealand market. YPSO Hard Seltzer is the perfect mixture of wine, sparkling water and natural aroma, offered in three stunning flavours you cannot resist: Lime, Coconut and watermelon. Perfectly aligned with the young lifestyle of the target group: it´s vegan, gluten free, less calorie, and has 5.5% vol. In comparison with other conventional, flavoured, wine-based beverages, YPSO still manages to stand out and steal .everyone’s spotlight.
$4.79 $3.99