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Beans with sausages Rodna 300g

Canned foods are irreplaceable helpers for any housewife. You can always keep at home useful goodies, not worrying for their shelf life. Beans with sausages will perfectly fit into the diet of any family!

Beefy Bites Swiss Deli

Due to its composition, the sausages have an incredible smoked and smoked garlic flavor and taste. To the touch they are dry and dense.

Berne Lyoner Swiss Deli 100g

Approximately price by weight may vary. The name "Doctoral" received because it was originally intended for those who undermined their health "in the fight against the tsarist regime" and during the Civil War.

Kolbasa Doctorskaya

Legendary cooked sausage with a delicate taste can decorate your festive table or please for breakfast on a casual morning (for example, make a more beautiful and nourishing scrambled eggs).