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Beans by Breton Pudliszki - 600g

Beans by Breton are an excellent and tasty addition to your diet. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with yummy!

Borscht soup with croutons Winiary - 16g

Borsch - vegetable vegetable soup. He is loved not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Poland (Barsch), Lithuania (barschchiai), Romania and Moldova (Borsh).

Cabbage leaves Emelya 900ml

Cabbage since ancient times is famous not only for its excellent culinary properties, but also for powerful medicinal possibilities, which is due to the rich composition of the plant.

Chicken stock Winiary 170g

Convenient packaging, instant cooking and excellent taste - these are the advantages of our soup in containers. It can be served in different ways: borscht with croquettes, pelmeni or potatoes and cream, as well as in the form of Ukrainian borsch.

Chutney Olympia mushrooms 295g

Olympia Zacusca with Mushrooms 314 ml. Ingredients: carrots, onions, 16% mushrooms, bell peppers, sunflower vegetable oil, tomato paste, sweet pepper paste, sugar, salt, spices.

CLEARANCE -Jam Puree with Plums 280g

BEST BEFORE: 17.05.2020
$5.99 $3.50

CLEARANCE -Jam Strawberry Lime Lowicz 280g

BEST BEFORE: 02.2020
$4.99 $2.50

CLEARANCE- Jam Strawberry Lowicz 280g

BEST BEFORE: 02.2020
$3.99 $2.50