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Pickled Vegetables

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Beets Pickled with Horseradish Orzel 290g

Beets with horseradish of Orzeł Polska is a unique combination of exquisite traditional horseradish with the highest quality of beetroots – sourced only from Polish farms. Traditional Easer garnishes closed in a convenient jar. It is a 100% natural product without any preservatives or enhancers.

Carrots Korean hot 340g

Canned foods are irreplaceable helpers for any housewife. You can always keep at home useful goodies, not worrying for their shelf life. Carrots "Lukashinsky" in Korean sharp 340g perfectly fit into the diet of any family!

Chutney Olympia mushrooms 295g

Olympia Zacusca with Mushrooms 314 ml. Ingredients: carrots, onions, 16% mushrooms, bell peppers, sunflower vegetable oil, tomato paste, sweet pepper paste, sugar, salt, spices.

CLEARANCE-Vegetables Baked in jar Noyan 560g

BEST BEFORE: 25.07.2021
$6.99 $4.99

CLEARANCE-Zucchini Fried in jar Noyan 560g

BEST BEFORE: 29.11.2021
$7.50 $5.99