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Picture of CLEARANCE-Pasta Cannelloni Giglio 250g

CLEARANCE-Pasta Cannelloni Giglio 250g

BEST BEFORE: 10.02.2024
$4.50 $3.50
Picture of CLEARANCE-Pasta Lasagna Giglio 500g

CLEARANCE-Pasta Lasagna Giglio 500g

BEST BEFORE: 01.02.2024
$6.99 $4.99
Picture of CLEARANCE-Pasta Spaghetti AmbeRye 400g

CLEARANCE-Pasta Spaghetti AmbeRye 400g

BEST BEFORE: 08.10.2023
$4.99 $2.99
Picture of Noodles Couscous Form Hutton 200g
Picture of Noodles Nest Thin Kurochka Ryaba 500g
Picture of Noodles String Hutton 200g
Picture of Pasta Buckwheat Fussili 250g
Picture of Pasta Buckwheat GF PENNE Biorina 340g

Pasta Buckwheat GF PENNE Biorina 340g

BIORINA buckwheat flour pasta will not only enrich your diet with useful substances and new flavors, but also will not burden your digestive system and will not reward your figure with extra kilograms. It is a globally recognized food product of choice for gluten intolerant people. Don't like the price of buckwheat noodles? Yes, it is a bit higher, but keep in mind that a more valuable product will give you a completely different, longer-lasting satiety, which will not be accompanied by the frequent urge to lie down after eating traditional flour dishes.
$9.99 $6.99
Picture of Pasta Egg Thin Beshbarmak Kemmi 250g
Picture of Pasta Flakes 6 Eggs Hutton 250g
Picture of Pasta for Kids Pudliszhki 340g
Picture of Pasta Grandma 500g

Pasta Grandma 500g

Picture of Pasta Shells Kurochka Ryaba 500g
Picture of Pasta Thick Ribbon Ek Mak 500g
Picture of Pasta Thick Thread Ek Mak 500g
Picture of Pasta Thin Ribbon Ek Mak 500g