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Picture of Cake waffle Mishka Kosolapiy BKK 250g

Cake waffle Mishka Kosolapiy BKK 250g

Cake "Mishka Kosolapiy" is an assortment of mini-cakes in a convenient box with individual cells. Layers of air crisp wafers are smeared with a fragrant nut-cream cream, covered with chocolate glaze and a sprinkle of chocolate and nut crumbs.
Picture of Carrots Korean hot 340g

Carrots Korean hot 340g

Canned foods are irreplaceable helpers for any housewife. You can always keep at home useful goodies, not worrying for their shelf life. Carrots "Lukashinsky" in Korean sharp 340g perfectly fit into the diet of any family!
Picture of Chocolate Candies Zolotie cupola

Chocolate Candies Zolotie cupola

Famous candies "Zolotie cupola" from the factory "Rot Front". A scattering of bright domed chocolates in golden foil is a real sweet jewel.
Honey Cake Sweet Revolution

Honey Cake 1.2kg

Delicious, amazing Medovik (Honey cake)
Picture of Marshmallow Zefir Classic in chocolate Sharmel 250g

Marshmallow Zefir Classic in chocolate Sharmel 250g

A delicate, airy marshmallow in the glaze made of gorgeous dark chocolate was created more than half a century ago by the confectioners of the Moscow factory "Udarnitsa". At the heart of this light, the treat is natural apple puree, egg white, agar-agar, a unique useful substance that is derived from seaweed. Creamy tastes of marshmallow "Sharmel" perfectly matches with chocolate icing.
Picture of Olives Green Super Giant Dimetra 720ml