New Sweet Treats

New Arrivals: Discover a tempting assortment of gingerbread, cookies in various flavors and textures, candies bursting with fruity or creamy goodness, decadent chocolate bars in dark, milk, and white varieties, beautifully packaged boxes of chocolates perfect for gifting or enjoying yourself, colorful lollipops for a playful treat, and an array of other sweets to satisfy your cravings.

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Picture of Biscuits Almond Glutenex 100g
Picture of Biscuits Cherry Jezyki Goplana 140g
Picture of Biscuits Сreamy Krakuski Bahlsen 220g
Picture of Biscuits Zoo Original Leibniz Bahlsen 100g
Picture of Cake grand guest gran-Pik 300g
Picture of Waffles Strawberry Pink Princess Mondelez 37g
Picture of Waffle cake Torcik 250g

Waffle cake Torcik 250g

Picture of Waffle with Chocolate Crzeski Goplana 36g
Waffles with Walnuts Goplana 36g
Picture of Waffles Prince-Polo Hazelnuts  XXL Olza 50g

Waffles Prince-Polo Hazelnuts XXL Olza 50g

Very popular candy bars - waffles filled with cocoa cream, covered with chocolate, individually wrapped.
Picture of Candies Caramel Rachki Wawel 105g
Picture of Candies Fudge Cream & Cacao Milanowek 300g