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Picture of Smoked Cheese Roll Aiste 220g

Smoked Cheese Roll Aiste 220g

Made in: Lithuania
Picture of Cheese Spread Sweet Chocolate Fat 30% 80g
Picture of Biscuits Oat Amberye 400g
Picture of Biscuits Vanilla Flavour Arbatiniai 155g
Picture of Cracker Rings Wheat Glazed Amberye 400g
Picture of Cracker Rings Wheat Poppy Seeds Amberye 400g
Picture of Cracker Rings Wheat Vanilla Amberye 400g
Picture of Buckwheat Biorina - 800g

Buckwheat Biorina - 800g

Gluten-free buckwheat groats for your health and a good start of a day. Dieticians and nutrition experts recommend starting a day healthy by eating a bowl of nutrition porridge for breakfasts. However, unlike many imagine, not all groats are easily digested. Today some people do not tolerate certain cereal products due to the protein gluten. Such people have to choose food products very carefully at shops by looking at the labels for “gluten-free”. Buckwheat groats are the source of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, cobalt, B group vitamins, folate, vitamins PP and E. Also, there is a lot of starch, protein, sugar, oil, organic acids, riboflavin, and thiamine in them. There are a lot of free bioactive compounds that have a stronger antioxidant effect in hulled (raw) buckwheat groats. Heat-treated buckwheat groats contain a large amount of quercetin (a green pigment that is 400 times stronger than vitamin E, with antiviral and antiphlogistic effect as well as it is very important to boosting of the immune system). Unroasted (raw) buckwheat groats contain the most rutin that is typical to buckwheat. However, the most important thing that buckwheat is gluten-free groats. So people who have to stick to the rules and eat gluten-free products can eat these groats without fear. Product of Lithuania.
Picture of Grain Pearl Barley Amberye 900g
Picture of Grain Wheat Cracked AmbeRye 900g
Picture of Fried Bread Sticks with Garlic Amberye 400g
Picture of Snack Fried Bread Sticks Bandi 300g
Picture of Sweet Corn Sticks Amberye 250g

Sweet Corn Sticks Amberye 250g

Our memory keeps pleasant moments from childhood. Corn sticks - that's how many associate that time. Nobody liked ordinary wands. It is important that they must be airy and melt in the mouth.
Picture of Seasoning All Purpose Bandi 1kg
Picture of Bagels Vanilla Flavour Amberye - 300g
Picture of Bagels with Poppy Seeds Danvita Merc 300g

Bagels with Poppy Seeds Danvita Merc 300g

Bagels are prepared according to a classic recipe from a custard batter.
Picture of Bakery Poppy seeds Roll Birzu Duona 390g