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Chocolate Candies Grilyazh Soft

Sweets "Grilyazhnye" soft grilling is a delicate sweetness from the factory "Red October".

Chocolate Candies Lady night apricot

Candy Lady Night with dried apricots wrapped. Original sweets based on whipped cream souffle and dried apricots, glazed and decorated with dark chocolate glaze.

Polba grain in bags Uvelka 400g

Uvelka offers products for a balanced diet.

Buckwheat Roasted Special Melniza 900g

In ancient Slavs buckwheat porridge was considered "food of the heroes", and brought it to Russia from Greece. The motherland of buckwheat is the highlands of the Himalayas, where its wild species still grow. In Russia the name "buckwheat" came from the "supplier country" - Greece, but in Western Europe (Portugal, Spain and France) it was called Arabian or Saracen grains.

Grains Semolina Melniza 900g

Semolina porridge is the simplest and fastest cooking dish, helthy food for children and adults.