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Frozen Cherry 1kg

Cherry is a very useful and tasty product that pleases us in the summer. But what to do in winter, when there is no this berry? Everything is simple, in the summer you can buy a frozen cherry and use at any time in different dishes. When freezing cherries retain almost all of their useful properties.

Frozen Cowberry Merc 400g

Berries Lingonberry are not for nothing long considered one of the most useful. After all, these fruits contain vitamin C, organic acids, manganese, etc. There are a lot of micro and macro elements in fruits. Healing and restoring properties of the product are invaluable, besides, it is dietary (total 43 kcal per 100 g).

Frozen Raspberries Merc 400g

The composition of raspberry fruit includes: 5 to 10 percent of fructose and glucose Organic acids (salicylic, apple, etc.) Nitrogenous, pectinic and coloring substances Tannins and fiber Vitamins: С А, В1, В2, РР, folic acid, beta-sitosterol Mineral substances and microelements Essential oils Coumarins, which have the necessary properties for blood clotting Anthocyanins, which possess anti-sclerotic properties.
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