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Baking powder Soda 500g

Soda is a universal remedy for its availability in use, both in the diet and in medicine.

CLEARANCE-Yeast Pechem Doma 11g

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Bread mix Borodinsky - 500g

According to one of the legends, the author of the recipe of Borodino bread is the Russian composer Alexander Borodin (author of the opera "Prince Igor"). Another legend claims that the authors of the recipe for this bread were nuns who lived in a monastery near the famous Borodino field. The truth is that it is Borodino bread in the whole world called "Russian".

Bread mix Borodinsky 500g

Ingredients: wheat flour of the first grade, rye peeled flour, rye fermented malt, sugar, dried grapes, salt, coriander. Food additives: caramel dye, citric acid, ascorbic acid.