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Natura Siberica shampoo Neutral - 400ml

Natura Siberica Shampoo "Neutral" is suitable for sensitive scalp. Does not contain sodium sulfate laureth, parabens and dyes.

Natura Siberica shampoo Sea-buckthorn - 400ml

Natura Siberica Shampoo "Sea-buckthorn" with the effect of lamination delicately cleanses the hair, intensively restores their damaged structure and protects from thermal exposure during hot styling.

Natura Siberica Shower Gel Tonic 400ml

Start your day with the awakening aromas of fresh Siberian herbs. Natura Siberica shower gel "Tonic" gives strength, leaving on your skin a feeling of purity and freshness. The invigorating gel formula energizes and gives a good mood for the whole day.

Rubber hot-water bag A-2

The type A hot-water bottle heater is designed for local warming of the body (a hot-water bottle with a stopper), rinses and syringings (a heater with accessories).