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Sauce Mayo Real Chumak 30% 300g

BEST BEFORE: 07.01.2021
$3.99 $2.50

Conditioner Sea-buckthorn Natura Siberica - 400ml

BEST BEFORE: 02.2021 Conditioner Natura Siberica Sea-buckthorn gives the hair the maximum volume, shine and density, protecting them from heat exposure when hot styling. It animates and raises the hair from the roots, without making them heavier.
$14.99 $9.99

CLEARANCE- Mix Soup Chicken Vermicelli Mivina 50g

BEST BEFORE: 21.01.2021
$1.99 $0.99

CLEARANCE-Bran Rye Borodino OGO! - 200g

BEST BEFORE: 17.01.2021 Producing useful products as carefully as possible, preserving all the original useful properties - this is preferred by an increasing number of enterprises. Bran is a well-known source of dietary fiber and a unique vitamin-mineral composition, therefore there are special technologies that allow producing high-quality products from environmentally friendly raw materials.
$3.99 $2.99

CLEARANCE-Condensed Milk with Coffee 8% 33 Cows 397g

BEST BEFORE:14. 02.2021
$5.99 $3.99

CLEARANCE-Cake Roll with Chocolate Yashkino 200g

BEST BEFORE: 13.02.2021
$3.50 $1.99

CLEARANCE-Sweet Corn Sticks Amberye 250g

BEST BEFORE: 06.01.2021 Our memory keeps pleasant moments from childhood. Corn sticks - that's how many associate that time. Nobody liked ordinary wands. It is important that they must be airy and melt in the mouth.
$3.50 $1.99