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SUPER DEAL! x3 Herring fillets Matias 250g

BUY x3 FOR $12 Best before 23.03.2021 Drizzle lightly with a bit of quality vinegar and top with raw onions for a traditionally Russian flavour.

CLEARANCE - 2x Smoked Herring Fillet in Oil Diplomats 250g

Special deal! Buy 2 for $8 Our traditional and deliciously smoked herring fillet sticks now in a new glass jar packaging. Carefully picked herring fillet pieces, packed by hand - side by side. Beautiful as never before. Tasty as always!
$13.99 $7.99

CLEARANCE - 2x Salmon in Own Juice Diplomats 250g

Special deal! Buy 2 for $8 Diplomats premium quality salmon products are healthy, delicious and nutritious products for your everyday life. Rich with Omega-3 and proteins and a great source of vitamin D. Strengthen your health with Diplomats!
$15.99 $7.99

CLEARANCE - Sparkling Water Zywiec 1.5L

Best before 04.03.2020 Super deal! Buy 6 for $15

CLEARANCE -Mix Sugar Glazing Blue Dr.Oetker 100g

BEST BEFORE : 01.2020
$3.50 $1.50

CLEARANCE -Mix Sugar Glazing White Dr.Oetker 100g

BEST BEFORE: 04.2020
$3.50 $1.50

CLEARANCE -Jam Puree with Plums 280g

BEST BEFORE: 17.05.2020
$5.99 $3.50

Super price! Wine Medinet Blanc White 750ml

Crazy Deal! Buy 3 bottles just for $33 This is a white Rhone blend of sauvignon blanc, Marsanne, Chardonnay. its delicate, well-balanced fruit aromas and refreshing finish.

Mussels smoked in oil Arnold Sorensen - 120g

Crazy Deal! Buy 2 just for $9! Mussels are a trendy and versatile addition to any meal. Smoked mussels are so delicious and healthy - we are certain you will love our product.

CLEARANCE-Hot Smoked Hake Dauparu

BEST BEFORE: 04.09.2020 Super discount! Only $3.50 instead of $5.99 Delicious Hot Smoked Hake Approximately 250g per pack
$5.99 $3.50

Wine Erben Spatlese 9.5% 750ml

This Spätlese is the star of the Erben range and the main focus for the range of three Prädikat wines. In the glass, the colour is a delicate, straw yellow. The bouquet of tropical fruits is underlined by a delicate note of nutmeg. On the palate, aromas of ripe peach and melon dominate. This Spätlese combines elegance and fruitiness with a balanced sweetness and a delicate acidity.
$29.99 $17.99

SPECIAL - Little Hedgehog Cake Bandi - 1kg

THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE SHIPPED! PICK UP ONLY FROM SKAZKA Sour cream sponge cake enriched by peach jam and sour cream filling. The cake is decorated with condensed milk "spines" and waffle leaves.
$29.00 $15.00

Wine Red Kagor 500ml

The wine of the desert, which is also often used as a sacramental wine, was produced from the Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes. Cahors refers to a group of red dessert wines. They are characterized by dark tones, maturity, softness, subtle notes of cocoa and taste of chocolate.
$21.99 $18.99

CLEARANCE -Spinach in Brine Raureni 520g

BEST BEFORE: 04.04.2020
$4.99 $2.99

SUPER DEAL - Dark Rye Bread Borodino - 300g

Super deal! Buy 2 for $8 Rye 71%, 29% wheat flour, water, rye malt, sugar, yeast, salt, coriander. Borodino bread can rightfully be ranked among the most popular food products, which are in great demand not only among the majority of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, but also in countries that were formerly part of the USSR.