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Chocolate Babayevskiy bitter with hazelnuts 100gr

The classic bitter chocolate of the Babaevsky concern is the pride of the Russian confectionery industry. Melting texture, noble bitterness, selected ingredients and high content of cocoa products (at least 55%!). A rich taste, each note of which is revealed in a special way. Chocolate "Babaevsky bitter" is a treat for true chocolate gurus.

Chocolate Bar Mishka Kosolapy 75g

Favorite "Bear-faced" is now in the bar format with almonds and waffle crumbs. A thin tile of fragrant dark chocolate, seasoned with crushed waffles and almond crumbs. Almonds and wafers soften the bitter taste of dark chocolate, helping the chocolate taste to reveal its sweetest hues in all its glory.

Chocolate Bar with chocolate filling Babaevsky 50g

A bar "Babaevsky" with a chocolate filling - for the most uncompromising chocolate lovers. A thick-walled case made of classic dark chocolate "Babaevsky" filled to the top with a viscous, velvety chocolate-cognac filling with a slight nutty tinge in taste. The light bitterness of chocolate is intertwined with a viscous duet of cocoa and cognac. Chocolate in 3D, for those who understand.

Chocolate Bar with cream filling Babaevsky 50g

Bar "Babaevsky" combines the hardness of this dark chocolate and the tenderness of the creamy and creamy filling. A thick layer of classical chocolate "Babaevsky" with a characteristic printed ornament hides melting, almost flowing stuffing with a thin creamy-vanilla taste. Good for tea, and just like that.

Chocolate Bar with Rum 30g

Rom Cel Mare is a Romanian Chocolate Bar. It is a delicious chocolate bar with creamy rum flavored middle.