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Canned Meat

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Buckwheat with meat canned Leis 350g

Buckwheat - one of the most popular cereals for cooking a variety of dishes. Used buckwheat and for first courses, and for side dishes, and for baking. But, probably, the most popular dish from this groats is porridge.

Canned Beef Best Time 400g

Stewed beef is a canned product, which is made from meat, salt, spices and broth. This product is especially valuable with long trips, hikes and out-of-town exits.

Canned Beef ragout with vegetables Best Time 400g

Beef ragout with vegetables is a very practical dish for lunch or dinner. Trouble with him a little, a garnish suitable rice or pasta - but you can and without it. And what flavor and taste get stewed meat and vegetables together!
$5.99 $4.99

Canned Chicken Best Time 400g

Chicken meat contains phosphorus, minerals, micronutrients and vitamins.
$5.99 $3.50

Canned Horse meat Best Time 400g

Horse meat is a delicacy kind of meat that has a specific taste, and is valued by nomadic peoples. The most nutritious and useful, and at the same time very tender is the meat of foals, whose age is not more than a year.

Canned Lamb meat Best Time 400g

Such a stew lamb is convenient for the rapid preparation of soup kharcho or pilov.
$6.99 $5.99