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Cake mix Karpatka Gellwe 340g

Carpathian is a surprisingly simple, but very tasty custard pie, which is very popular in Poland.

Cake waffle Korovka BKK 200g

Wafers cake "Korovka" is created for fans of delicate taste of melted milk. Crispy waffle plates, fragrant cream layer with a sweet flavor of melted milk and soft creamy taste, wavy ripples of chocolate glaze, giving the cake a light tart note.

Cake waffle Mishka Kosolapiy BKK 250g

Cake "Mishka Kosolapiy" is an assortment of mini-cakes in a convenient box with individual cells. Layers of air crisp wafers are smeared with a fragrant nut-cream cream, covered with chocolate glaze and a sprinkle of chocolate and nut crumbs. Best before: 03.08.2017
$6.99 $5.99

Cake waffle pastry Trio 120g

Waffle sheets are made from natural ingredients, which as a result gives an excellent taste and appearance.

Cake with poppy semi-finished flour products 300g

Poppy cake is a wonderful homemade pastry, especially tasty with a glass of milk. Dense, at the same time friable and tender.