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Beer Baltika 0 Non Alc 0% 450ml

Beer special non-alcoholic is made by a unique technology, which allowed to perfectly preserve the taste and aroma of light beer. Produced in 2001.

Alc-Free Beer IPA 0.0 Gorkovskaya 330ml

IPA 0.0 is a non-alcoholic beer made for bitter and hoppy beer lovers. The beer is produced using an innovative yeast strain, resulting in a beer with very low alcohol content. The addition of lupulin has made a more intense but delicate hop aroma. IPA 0.0 has a rich citrus aroma (grapefruit & lime) with tasty hop bitterness. The beer is very refreshing and has a pleasant aftertaste. The can is decorated with a graceful zebra as a symbol of safety on the road (a hint of a pedestrian crossing).

Beer Baltika 0 Grapefruit 0% Alc 330ml

"Baltika 0 Grapefruit" is a refreshing, unfiltered non-alcoholic beer with a rich intense flavour and natural grapefruit juice. This is a completely new taste in the range, which will allow you to freshen up and enjoy every moment throughout the day.

Beer Baltika 0 Wheat - 0% Alc 450ml

Buy 1 case (24 cans) and get 5% OFF Discount! This beer is for those who want to never part with their favorite drink. Alcohol content: not more than 0.5% by volume. Extractivity of the initial wort: 12.0%.

4-Pack Non-Alcoholic Baltika 0 450ml

4-Pack include: 3 Baltika 0 Lager 450ml 1 Baltika 0 Wheat 450ml

Beer Coffee Stout Alc-Free ROAD RUNNER Kehrwieder 330ml

Our Road Runner - Coffee Stout alcohol-free is the perfect fusion of non-alcoholic beer and coffee, with beans directly from the coffee farmers and roasted in Hamburg by Quijote Coffee. You have a long night ahead of you and want to keep a clear head? The Road Runner skimpy on alcohol, but not on caffeine.

Beer IPA Alc-Free UNN Kehrwieder 330ml

Our überNormalNull (ü.NN) is not only the first German India Pale Ale alcohol-free but also the first alcohol-free beer that you drink because you want, not because you have to. Fully packed with fantastic aromatic hops, paired with a pleasant malt body, a moderate bitterness and brewed with a yeast that cannot ferment malt sugar, without any manipulation.