Pickled Mushrooms Chanterelle Orzel 300g

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Beer Zywiec 500ml 5.6% alc

Tasting Notes: An uncomprimising Polish lager. Light in colour and flavour brewed using only malt, hops and crystal clear mountain water.
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Cabbage meal Bigos Pudliszki 500ml

On the origin of the name "bigos" there are many versions. Some say that this "double taste" (bi-flavor) in Latin - and not cabbage and meat, you can immediately think, namely double cabbage: sour and fresh. Others derive the name from the Italian "bigutta" (bowler). Still others refer to the German verbs "begießen" (pour, smoke) and "beigießen" (top up).
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Seafood Dried Squid Shredded 36g

Dried fish is a wonderful snack, which perfectly matches with beer!
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Beer Chernigivske Maximum 10% Vol 500ml

Product of Ukraine. Chernigovske Maximum is the classic taste of the Ukrainian premium lager. The irreproachable rich taste of classic light beer Chernigovske Maximum is attained by the use of only premium ingredients. The highest quality of the beer is guaranteed by the newest global brewing technology, which allowed three times to shorten the amount of oxygen in the products on all production stages. Clear alcoholic and solvent flavour. Clear fruity flavour (red fruit, floral and green apple) with hoppy notes in the back. Slightly sulphury aroma (with a trace of cooked vegetables as well as other sulphur flavour notes). Light caramel and roasted smell. Taste: Clear sweet with a clean bitterness and noticeable after bitterness, dry astringent end. Good balanced full body. Colour: Clear, shiny dark-yellow Це пиво №1 в Україні
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